• Aps17

    Aps (persona) X reader lemon

    November 24, 2017 by Aps17

    'Member when Aps' made that blog where he tricked everyone to thinking he was writing an Aps17 X reader?

    I 'member...but this time, it's happening...for real!

    Yep, I'm doing it...

    This goes to the people who have never wanted to make out with a humanoid plant alien robot time god that is somewhat against yigging but deep down, he wants to yigg...but theres no one he would actually want to yigg...

    Eh...let's get onto this X reader...

    Chapter 1: Get the crap outta bed

    6am... you were lying in your bed with your PJs on... the fan was spinning and the sun had barely risen, but you were eager to get up. You jumped out of your bed, dressed yourself out, grabbed your phone, and ran straight outside.

    You felt the nice cool breeze hit your face, as you sl…

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  • KappaDash

    His name is Dwinthawk

    He swaps souls of two characters

    Let's say there's a bird Pokémon, like Talonflame, and Nora Valkyrie from RWBY

    since one is vulnerable to lightning and the other absorbs it and uses it to her advantage (if ya don't know which is which, ask me), Dwinthawk would swap their souls.

    Some villain may be smart enough not to strike Nora with lightning

    Rather he would strike the Talonflame, killing Nora's soul who is embodied the body of Talonflame

    Talonflame doesn't know how to use a hammer. FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

    So Talonflame, embodied into Nora's body, would die as well.

    Dwinthawk can't swap himself tho.

    (Yes, the villain could be just a villain's soul embodied in a Pikachu or something)

    Another idea is some insects that invade AUs


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  • Aps17

    Ideas for villians...

    October 2, 2017 by Aps17


    So any of the villians I mention in this list may or may not possibly become an actual threat to Tippy.

    Here we go

    Some angel like character that's actually a demon sent out to bring fear and torture to others but bringing them bad luck, rather than physically harming people.

    A ghost like being that possesses the ability to take mutiple objects and smoosh it together to make one giant body and use as an advantage.

    A strong demon bent on torturing beings and hypnotizing them to do his bidding.

    A star shaped alien who flies around space sucking up energy out of people inorder to keep him young and strong. Stario is invincible until his energy starts to run low. Also he shoots lasers beams and has one eye....

    King Becker is the ruler of a…

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  • Aps17

    OOH WEE!

    This fanfic is meant to be a little treat to myself for you may know that I do have a crush on Toriel (cuz I think she's hot), so that's why I made this!

    Hopefully you find this Fanfic disgustingly bad/good...

    Note: I might update this fanfic every so often...

    Other notes:

    Y/N = your name

    You're screwed Mixing


    You were sitting in your couch as usual while you listen to music and doodle little things. Everything was just fine, until you had an idea. You remembered that Mount Ebott was nearby, or at least, somewhere near your area. Not to mention that you've been needing to get yourself some exercise. You grab your phone, earbuds and a bottle of water and head out to the mountain. On the way, you saw some of your friends, a few …

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  • Aps17

    MY top ten anime characters!

    September 4, 2017 by Aps17

    Ah yes.


    Anime is one of those things that stands out beyond the rest or what not...

    Frick it, let's get to the list...

    Gene is odd but loveable character that I personally enjoy! He thinks and acts differently from other people, which is one of the things that makes him special!

    Though, many people may critize Protos personality for being bland, I find Proto to be a strong person.

    He comes from the anime, Super Why and plays as Wyatt (aka his fake identity) which he then can transform into his true form, Proto.

    Shaye, a wealthy and weird woman, stands out from most celebrities that you usually see, such as, Mettaton, Jareth, Isaac and Ren. Due to the fact she can always put a smile on someones face!

    (She's also OP as frick)

    Maggie is a chara…

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  • KappaDash

    Lucidux was created by Clayton and some other scientists (as well as designed by Ashley) to be as powerful as Doodlinbugly and be able to fight him. He started off as very neutral and obedient, listening to every command. Eventually, Lucidux got lost after some guy put him in a box and threw him into a river. He eventually was found by a pub owner and was taken in. When the owner found out he was an antivirus, he made Lucidux clean the pub (kill mice and stuff) and keep the electric system working (The owner had no idea how antiviruses worked). Lucidux wasn't considered human by anyone, and they treated him like a replaceable machine, kinda like Mr. Meeseeks but incredibly powerful and not craving death. It stayed like that until when Luci…

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  • Mixingitall

    any song where bowie sings

    It's No Game (No. 1)

    Up The Hill Backwards

    Scary Monsters (And super creeps)

    Ashes to Ashes


    Teenage Wildlife

    Kingdom Come

    Because You're Young

    It's No Game (No. 2)

    Five Years

    Soul Love

    Moonage Daydream


    It Ain't Easy


    Lady Stardust

    Hang On To Yourself

    Ziggy Stardust

    Suffragette City

    Rock N' Roll Suicide

    Future Legend

    Diamond Dogs

    Sweet Thing


    Sweet Thing (Reprise)

    Rebel Rebel

    Rock N' Roll With Me

    We Are The Dead


    Big Brother

    Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family


    Oh! You Pretty Things

    Eight Line Poem

    Life on Mars



    Andy Warhol

    Queen B***h

    Song for Bob Dylan

    The Bewley Brothers

    Beauty and the Beast

    Joe the Lion


    Sons of the Silent Age


    V-2 Schneider

    Sense of Doubt

    Moss Garden


    The Secre…

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  • Aps17

    If you think of any, just comment about down below idk

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  • Aps17


    August 10, 2017 by Aps17

    I have finally planned put the PL arc.

    So this is how it's gonna go...


    Everyone is relaxing at Toriel and Clippy house. A loud noise is heard outside, two people decide to investigate, they end up finding nothing but a paper sheet that reads "awaken the inner soul" with the date 12-1-2001. The two people take the paper and head inside. When they enter inside, the people ask them what happened. The two say it wasn't anything. They forget about it.


    When everyone wakes up, they find out that the two people that went to investigate are gone. They think much of there disappearance thinking that they may have gone somewhere.

    I'm still gonna add more.

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  • Aps17


    August 6, 2017 by Aps17

    tippy video

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  • Mixingitall

    It doesn't even have to have the character in it.

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  • KappaDash

    bruh watch it


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  • Aps17

    Why does Mr. Meeseeks want us to look at him?

    The world may never know

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  • Aps17


    July 22, 2017 by Aps17


    1. Nothing inappropriate (no ships or disgusting fanart)

    2. You can request more once

    3. The image can/doesn't have to look funny, it could be a image of a person that looks boring as frick!

    4. No GIFS!

    5. H A V E F U N

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  • Mixingitall

    Gift for Kappa

    It was not too long after dinner when the Mads told you and your friend Joel to go to bed. You hated days like these, when the Mads would force you, Joel, and your robots Tom Servo and Crow to watch a cheesy movie. You were so tired you couldn't remember,ber what movie you even watched. Something about Santa fighting aliens? Whatever. You decided to be nice and say good night to the Bots. "Good night, Crow." You cooed. "You're not my real mother." He replied. You were used to things like that. "Goodnight, Tom." You said motherly. Tom didn't answer, probably because he was passed out sleeping.

    You walked to Joel's room. It felt kinda weird telling Joel goodnight. You built up courage, and hesitantly walked into Joel's room. It …

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  • Aps17


    Hopes and Dreams?

    All Star?

    FireFlies? this this this this

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  • KappaDash

    They are small, contact you as impotent. Please refer to them only in the case of children. They are surprised when the warrior immediately found wild

    To make most of the time Make your preparations for the fastest time. Dream always dreamed. In a sudden flower

    We're thunder Lost Lightning An ancient miracle of miracles

    It's the day you've been waiting. It will open the door for me day. I do not want to hear from you sin. I hope you are ready for the revolution. Welcome to the world of new solutions Welcome to the world of bloody development Eventually, your mind will open your mind. History tells us, And win one soul

    Your world needs a strong lawyer Your world is at the expense of the way You will complete the romantic life of the fairytale c…

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  • Aps17

    Use this

    July 15, 2017 by Aps17

    Use this make OCs or soemthing for Tippy...

    And you dont use the exact parts, you can modify them to make something else...

    I might make another one of these charts...



    I'm planning on making myself a persona...

    I just don't where to start...

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  • Mixingitall

    basically put in characters who don't have established voices in here with what you think would fit

    Roboto-Moondust would have either a voice similar to somewhat high male voice (NOTE: RM is female) or a gruff, alto voice. Think either "Mr. Roboto" by Styx or "Come on feel the noise" by Twisted Sister.

    Jadence would have youthful voice, being 6.

    The Storm would have a mix of Tim Curry and Jemaine Clement, with a bit of a British accent.

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  • Aps17


    1. Nothing inappropriate

    2. You can request more than one image

    3. I will allow fanart that isn't inappropriate

    4. No gifs

    5. HAVE FUN!

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  • KappaDash

    Concept art...

    July 13, 2017 by KappaDash
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  • Mixingitall

    How participating in a Tippy RP feels like:

    What participating in a Tippy RP looks like:

    Plz don't be offended i love tippy

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  • Aps17



    The definition of Tippy is "inclined to tilt or overturn; unsteady."

    What is unsteady?



    Stephen Kings IT

    Stephen Kings IT the movie was made on November 18th, 1990

    Who died in Novmeber?

    Peter Schilperoort, saxophonist/clarinetist died the day before IT was released to theaters...

    November 17th

    October 17th

    October 17th is my B-day...



    Tapsy is a Mixel

    There are three mixels in a tribe...

    And Stingy owns a Triagonal sign

    3 sides...

    Stingy claims the month of june...

    What happened in June?

    June 19th, DHMIS, Spore Galatic Adventures was released...

    And Despicable Me 3 came out...

    Despicable Me 3...

    There are three movies in a trilogy...

    Minions can have one or two eyes

    Dave has one eye...


    The main villian is Balthazar Br…

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  • Aps17
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  • Aps17

    My sucks Discord Server

    July 10, 2017 by Aps17

    Pls don't join unless you want you want to...

    Idk why I have Discord in the first place...

    It was probably becuz I got bored...


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  • Aps17

    Worst meme idea ever...

    July 9, 2017 by Aps17

    The entire Mixels series but every frame with a Mixel it is replaced with every current Disney movie, but every time a animal appears it is replaced with every video on Mushroom Land TV but every everytime Maggie appears it is replaced with every epiaode of ATHF, but everytime Meatwad does something stupid the episodes speed up by 0.5 but everytime someone dies it's replaced with every episode of MST3K but everytime someone curses, it's then replaced with the entire RWBY Series but evertime a grimm appears, it's replaced with the entire walkthrough of the Binding of Isaac: REBIRTH but everytime Isaac kills a boss, it's then replaced with Big Smokes order but everytime someone says "number" the video gets slower but everytime someone says A…

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  • Mixingitall

    The older the better

    They must be originally from the movie

    Quality of the film itself doesn't matter


    1. Chilly Down (Labyrinth)

    2. Toxic Love (FernGully) [GOSHDARNIT TIM CURRY]

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  • KappaDash

    Look what I did to Maggie!

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  • Aps17


    July 4, 2017 by Aps17

    So on October, we know that we're going to be doing a Rocky Horror Story AU RP thing...


    That will also be the month that It and the Plague League hit hard...

    And weird stuff will happen in Tippy that month...

    And that will be the month that my birthday occours...

    So at least it isnt all bad...


    --All we had to do was follow the dang train, CJ! 22:03, July 4, 2017 (UTC)Aps17

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  • Aps17

    Idk why I'm making this but eh...

    (Insert picture of Willosaur)

    (Insert image of Zarkhator)

    (Insert image of Gar'Skuther)

    (Insert image of Grox)

    (Insert image of Crow)

    (Insert image of Homestar Runner [or Salad Fingers idk]

    (Insert image of Gogo Dodo)

    (Insert image of Clippy)

    (Insert image of Vsauce, Toriel, Potato Man, or Tom Servo idk)

    (Insert image of my beautiful face [JK, just put a image of Boggle or Berp...]

    (Insert image of Shrek making that weird suprised face)

    (Insert image of Stingy right next to his triagonal sign)

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