Physical Appearance

Grinly is somewhat larger than most PL members, he appears to be wearing a Plague Doctor outfit, along with a large scythe.


Grinly is described as a sinister, shady person who tries his best to figure out everyones strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike other villians who try to kill people for no reason, he actually has a purpose for killing people...






The RP Masters



  • Grinlys main objective is rid the world of anything that isn't human, because he believes that non-human beings are considered unpure and must be killed off to preveny corruption.
  • Grinly doesn't matter how strong, cool, friendly etc. you are, he wants you dead. (Unless if you're a human that respects him)
  • Grinly has been rumored to have worked for It at one point in, but was kicked out for some reason.

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