JimixingSprite is the fusion Jimi Hendrix and Mixing.


JimixingSprite was created during the Doodlinbugly Crisis, when Mixing had to kill an alternate version of herself and her guardian angel, [[Jimi Hendrix]] and prototype then into a kernelsprite.


Jimixing is often very low and sad. This is because of Mixing's rage-driven personality and Jimi's calmer attitude cancelling eachother out, leaving only Fear (Opposing Mixing's rage) and Sadness (Opposing Jimi's relaxation). This means they literally can not feel anger or joy. Despite this, they seem to find enjoyment in a few things. They're overall very mellow and don't feel that much intense emotion.


  • Their blue color fits the theme of sadness, as well as its location on the color wheel, between green and violet.
  • Supposedly, their voice is very soft. They have an American accent and a more effeminate voice, but it may seem more masculine when they raise their voice. This is very rare for Jimixing to do.