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Here, you can write your own theories and conspiracy about Tippy RPs, TV shows, Video Games, ETC.

But we have a few rules...


1. Nothing inappropriate...seriously...I dont want to read a theory about yi-

2. The theory has to be serious, and if you wanted to make a funny theory, then scroll down to the funny theories section of this page...

3. It doesnt matter how long you make your theory...

4. Make sure your theory make sense. (Unless if you're doing a funny theory)


Theories and Conspiracies

  • Sans is Ness.
  • It wasn't CJs fault that he didn't follow the train
  • It created the RP masters (CONFIRMED TO BE CANON)
  • It is/was a RP Master (FALSE)
  • Ert90 is the true villian (not confirmed)
  • There's a RP Master inside Ert90 (Ert90 is a RP Master)
  • Urope accidently created It (Urope is a brother of It)
  • Kappa's IRL friend is the 5th RP master (not confirmed)
  • Screen and Speaker are siblings of Mixing. (FALSE)
  • Santiago is good? (Not confirmed)
  • Cinder is good? (She's evil)
  • Ert90 is the sibling of Aps17. (FALSE)
  • Kinga's father (Dr. Clayton Forrester) met Urope (potential)
  • Maggie is the devil and is attempting to take Agatha to MushroomLandTV, which is actually h.X.l.l.
  • C. x. T. H. x. L. x. C. is a possible opposite of Ert90. (Ert90 is a RP Master, but we still don't know if he's the opposite of C.x.T.H.x.L.x.C)
  • Doodlinbugly is somehow connected to The Plague League. (Not confirmed)
  • Doodlinbugly was created by Urope, but was turned into a evil creature after It stole Doodlinbugly. (Not confirmed)
  • Doodlinbugly is actually a good guy (kinda true)

The funny Theories

  • For the entire time we focused on It, Toriel and Clippy were just hanging out and talking, maybe kissing sometimes.
  • It secretly ships Tippy, but he doesn't want to admit. IT also has secret room full of pictures of Clippy, Toriel, and Jadence. But this theory isn't canon and would be really awkward to this actually happen. This could take place in a AU, but I doubt that It would ship Tippy in a AU.
  • Pyrrha Nikos is a reincarnation of Firestar that seized. Pyrrha and Firestar both have green eyes. Pyrrha means flame colored and Firestar is know to have a flame-colored pelt. (ARKOS IS GAY)
  • Nora is the daughter of Sombra and Reinhardt.