Some old show from the 90's. Let's watch a commercial!

"Coming soon to LFF Network, is a show that will have you laughing your socks off! The show is about an unlikely marriage, a goat and a paperclip! So, tune in every Friday at 4:30 PM to watch a new episode!"

This premise seems familiar for some reason. Let's check an episode guide!

Wake Me Up Before You Gogo: Gogo from Tiny Toons cameos in this episode! Gogo tries to wake everybody up.

Very Special Episode: Jadence's new schoolmate is disabled, and can't go up the stairs. Jadence runs for class president to make ramps next to the stairs.

Flashback: The crew goes through a bunch of pictures from a box, and reminiscences on past episodes!

Disco Fever: Jadence learns that his friend Ashley is sick, and can't go to the school dance. Meanwhile, Mixing desperately tries to meet Ashley's legal guardian, Mr. Bowie.


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