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  • Mixingitall

    any song where bowie sings

    It's No Game (No. 1)

    Up The Hill Backwards

    Scary Monsters (And super creeps)

    Ashes to Ashes


    Teenage Wildlife

    Kingdom Come

    Because You're Young

    It's No Game (No. 2)

    Five Years

    Soul Love

    Moonage Daydream


    It Ain't Easy


    Lady Stardust

    Hang On To Yourself

    Ziggy Stardust

    Suffragette City

    Rock N' Roll Suicide

    Future Legend

    Diamond Dogs

    Sweet Thing


    Sweet Thing (Reprise)

    Rebel Rebel

    Rock N' Roll With Me

    We Are The Dead


    Big Brother

    Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family


    Oh! You Pretty Things

    Eight Line Poem

    Life on Mars



    Andy Warhol

    Queen B***h

    Song for Bob Dylan

    The Bewley Brothers

    Beauty and the Beast

    Joe the Lion


    Sons of the Silent Age


    V-2 Schneider

    Sense of Doubt

    Moss Garden


    The Secre…

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  • Mixingitall

    It doesn't even have to have the character in it.

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  • Mixingitall

    Gift for Kappa

    It was not too long after dinner when the Mads told you and your friend Joel to go to bed. You hated days like these, when the Mads would force you, Joel, and your robots Tom Servo and Crow to watch a cheesy movie. You were so tired you couldn't remember,ber what movie you even watched. Something about Santa fighting aliens? Whatever. You decided to be nice and say good night to the Bots. "Good night, Crow." You cooed. "You're not my real mother." He replied. You were used to things like that. "Goodnight, Tom." You said motherly. Tom didn't answer, probably because he was passed out sleeping.

    You walked to Joel's room. It felt kinda weird telling Joel goodnight. You built up courage, and hesitantly walked into Joel's room. It …

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  • Mixingitall

    basically put in characters who don't have established voices in here with what you think would fit

    Roboto-Moondust would have either a voice similar to somewhat high male voice (NOTE: RM is female) or a gruff, alto voice. Think either "Mr. Roboto" by Styx or "Come on feel the noise" by Twisted Sister.

    Jadence would have youthful voice, being 6.

    The Storm would have a mix of Tim Curry and Jemaine Clement, with a bit of a British accent.

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  • Mixingitall

    How participating in a Tippy RP feels like:

    What participating in a Tippy RP looks like:

    Plz don't be offended i love tippy

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